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Hi I am 14 years old and would like to train basketball in Boston. I was wondering if there are any training sessions that I would be able to attend?
18/10/17 17:01:05
Hello basketball lovers.
I am 6 ft 3. Been out of the game for some time and wish to pull a 'come-back'. I am keen on attending some training sessions.
12/10/17 21:29:11
Hi I am13 years old and would like to train basketball in Lincoln. I was wondering if there are any training sessions that I would be able to attend?
18/09/17 17:19:40
Follow LBBA Facebook page for the latest info from lincolnshire basketball.
https://www.facebook .com/lincsbasketball /

10/09/17 21:20:47
Lincoln Lightning train every Sunday 5-7. See our Facebook page for the latest club info.
https://www.facebook .com/lincolnlightnin gbasketball/
10/09/17 21:19:16
hi guys , its be awesome to play basketball in Lincolnshire if some teams need help for training i can help i am combo guard . 07377948407
09/09/17 15:50:00
Hello, I am 18 years old and I have been playing basketball for over 5 years now, I am 6 foot and my position is a guard, looking for a team to join as I think I have the potential to be so much more better than I am now, please contact me on my number 07931811749 or email me on dimonchine@hotmail.c om if there are any open opportunities for me, thank you :)
15/08/17 12:35:54
Hello, just contacting you on wanting to join a basketball team I am 15 years old turning 16 on November , would be good if I could come down and train with a team and then hopefully join Thankyou and please reply when possible email - fsjwager2014@gmail.c om
01/05/17 16:58:51
Hi I'm 27 been out the game for a while hoping to attend some training sessions and hopefully join a team. Please contact me on m
15/04/17 08:53:43

15/04/17 08:51:18
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Handicap Competition Handicap 2017

The handicap competition is a competition in which each team plays with a handicap. After the first round the competition splits up into the Handicap Cup and the Handicap Plate. For more information see Handicap Competition Information

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Round 1
Boston United(30) 30 - 32 (0)Grantham Honda Outlaws
Grimsby Mayhem(30) 74 - 108 (35)Lincoln Panthers
Sleaford Hawks(85) 125 - 120 (35)Panthers D- Team
Harlaxton Lions(80) 132 - 120 (35)Lincoln Lightning
Semi Final
Grantham Honda Outlaws(0) 88 - 93 (35)Lincoln Panthers
Sleaford Hawks(85) 160 - 122 (80)Harlaxton Lions
Boston United(30) 30 - 32 (30)Grimsby Mayhem
Panthers D- Team(35) 94 - 114 (35)Lincoln Lightning
Lincoln Panthers(35) v (85)Sleaford Hawks
Grimsby Mayhem(30) v (35)Lincoln Lightning


Grantham Honda Outlaws0
Harlaxton Lions80
Lincoln Lightning35
Lincoln Panthers35
Boston United30
Sleaford Hawks85
Grimsby Mayhem30
Panthers D- Team35