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Hello, just contacting you on wanting to join a basketball team I am 15 years old turning 16 on November , would be good if I could come down and train with a team and then hopefully join Thankyou and please reply when possible email - fsjwager2014@gmail.c om
01/05/17 16:58:51
Hi I'm 27 been out the game for a while hoping to attend some training sessions and hopefully join a team. Please contact me on m
15/04/17 08:53:43

15/04/17 08:51:18

22/02/17 22:36:31
Hello, I'm 13 years old and I play basketball I'm play basketball I'm from Lithuania but I know English language
22/02/17 22:35:06
hi im 14 years old in lincoln ,and wondering if there is training sessions i could attend
04/02/17 14:21:56
Anyone know of any local table official courses coming up soon?
12/12/16 13:24:05
Hi, I'm looking for any training sessions around Boston. I am 17 years old.
09/12/16 09:43:17
Hi, I'm 25 and I have been playing basketball since I was 6. I haven't played for the last 3 years so I'm a little bit rusty. I would love to find a women team to train and play games if it's possible. I live in Lincoln so a local team would be great, but I wouldn't mind to travel further. Please feel free to contact me at
13/11/16 21:45:52
please contact me at samueljrigby@hotmail .com
23/09/16 11:25:21
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Players of all abilities and all ages are welcome to play basketball in the LBBA. If you are interested then so are we. To get started simply head to the teams section and find your local team there you will find details for the club secretary this is who you need to contact to find out how to get involved with that particular team.


Under 16 and interested in playing? At current no youth league is run by the LBBA, this is due to a lack of youth teams. However a number of senior teams run training sessions for youngsters. To get started head to the teams section and find your local team then contact the secretary to find out if they cater for youngsters. In the eventuality that your local team doesn't cater for youngsters head to the contact us page where you can send a message to the LBBA. In the message tell us what area you are from, how old you are and we will get back to you with details of the nearest club that caters for youngsters. You can also ask us any questions about basketball.

In addition there are currently 4 specific junior clubs spread across the county which all cater for a range of different ages, mostly between 11 and 17. These teams are relatively new and are participating in a new U17 boy’s league this season. The league is made up of monthly central venue league tournaments hosted in Lincoln and run by the Basketball Development Officer. The youth teams are listed in the teams section.


Interested in coaching basketball. Head to the contact us page and send us a message and we will reply with how to get involved.


Interested in becoming a referee or table judge. You may need to complete a training course if you haven't already done so, information on local training courses can be found here.

Starting a New Team

If none of the existing teams are appealing to you, or there is not a team in your area you may want to start a new team. We understand that this can be difficult and so we try and give you as much assistance as we can. We will post information on our website so you can get in contact with other players in the same area. We will also give you any information you need with regards to running a basketball club. To get started head to the contact us page and send us a message.

Entering a Team

New teams are always welcome in the LBBA. To find out how to enter a new team follow the steps below:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the competitions the LBBA runs. You should read league information and cup information
  2. Read the LBBA Handbook to familiarise yourself with the associations rules
  3. Download the team entry form and fill it out
  4. Head to the contact us page and send a message explaining that you would like to enter a new team, you will then recieve additional information and an address to send the form to.

New teams entering the league will be entered into the bottom division. If the league season has already started you may still be able to enter the handicap competition if the first round draw has not been made.


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