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Hi I am 14 years old and would like to train basketball in Boston. I was wondering if there are any training sessions that I would be able to attend?
18/10/17 17:01:05
Hello basketball lovers.
I am 6 ft 3. Been out of the game for some time and wish to pull a 'come-back'. I am keen on attending some training sessions.
12/10/17 21:29:11
Hi I am13 years old and would like to train basketball in Lincoln. I was wondering if there are any training sessions that I would be able to attend?
18/09/17 17:19:40
Follow LBBA Facebook page for the latest info from lincolnshire basketball.
https://www.facebook .com/lincsbasketball /

10/09/17 21:20:47
Lincoln Lightning train every Sunday 5-7. See our Facebook page for the latest club info.
https://www.facebook .com/lincolnlightnin gbasketball/
10/09/17 21:19:16
hi guys , its be awesome to play basketball in Lincolnshire if some teams need help for training i can help i am combo guard . 07377948407
09/09/17 15:50:00
Hello, I am 18 years old and I have been playing basketball for over 5 years now, I am 6 foot and my position is a guard, looking for a team to join as I think I have the potential to be so much more better than I am now, please contact me on my number 07931811749 or email me on dimonchine@hotmail.c om if there are any open opportunities for me, thank you :)
15/08/17 12:35:54
Hello, just contacting you on wanting to join a basketball team I am 15 years old turning 16 on November , would be good if I could come down and train with a team and then hopefully join Thankyou and please reply when possible email - fsjwager2014@gmail.c om
01/05/17 16:58:51
Hi I'm 27 been out the game for a while hoping to attend some training sessions and hopefully join a team. Please contact me on m
15/04/17 08:53:43

15/04/17 08:51:18
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League About

The LBBA runs a full season every year. The season usually starts in October and runs through to March/April. Teams recieve 3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss. A No show occurs when the teams have agreed to play the game on a certain date, and within 72 hours of the tip off time one team cancels. In the eventuality of a no show the team not showing recieves 0 points and the other team 3 points, the score is put down as 2-0. The number of divisions for a season depends on the number of teams entering. The divisions are organised in a hierarchical structure with the team at the bottom of a division being relegated to the lower division and the team at the top of a division being promoted to the higher division. New teams are welcome to join the league before the start of a new season. They will enter into the bottom division.

The way the fixtures are organised for a season depends on the number of divisions. In the current format with 2 divisions, each team plays every team in their division twice, once home and once away. They then also play every team in the other division once, who plays home and away is randomly decided, however every team will play an equal amount of home and away fixtures. These cross division fixtures are spread throughout the season at regular intervals.

Teams are ranked in the league by number of points, then points difference, then in the eventuality teams have equal points and equal points difference, position will be decided upon by head-to-head results.

Summer League

Occasionally the LBBA will also run a summer league. This is a half season usually running from May until July. The number of teams competing in the summer league is often less than those in the winter league. However the summer league is a great opportunity for new teams to test their worth with some competitive matches. Rules for the summer league are the same as for the winter league with one addition. This rule is that ALL players on the scoresheet MUST play at least 2 quarters and no player can play MORE THAN 3 quarters. The summer league is usually one division with teams playing each other once or twice, depending on the number of teams.