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Hello, I am 18 years old and I have been playing basketball for over 5 years now, I am 6 foot and my position is a guard, looking for a team to join as I think I have the potential to be so much more better than I am now, please contact me on my number 07931811749 or email me on dimonchine@hotmail.c om if there are any open opportunities for me, thank you :)
15/08/17 12:35:54
Hello, just contacting you on wanting to join a basketball team I am 15 years old turning 16 on November , would be good if I could come down and train with a team and then hopefully join Thankyou and please reply when possible email - fsjwager2014@gmail.c om
01/05/17 16:58:51
Hi I'm 27 been out the game for a while hoping to attend some training sessions and hopefully join a team. Please contact me on m
15/04/17 08:53:43

15/04/17 08:51:18

22/02/17 22:36:31
Hello, I'm 13 years old and I play basketball I'm play basketball I'm from Lithuania but I know English language
22/02/17 22:35:06
hi im 14 years old in lincoln ,and wondering if there is training sessions i could attend
04/02/17 14:21:56
Anyone know of any local table official courses coming up soon?
12/12/16 13:24:05
Hi, I'm looking for any training sessions around Boston. I am 17 years old.
09/12/16 09:43:17
Hi, I'm 25 and I have been playing basketball since I was 6. I haven't played for the last 3 years so I'm a little bit rusty. I would love to find a women team to train and play games if it's possible. I live in Lincoln so a local team would be great, but I wouldn't mind to travel further. Please feel free to contact me at
13/11/16 21:45:52
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Below are players which are playing in teams which are currently active. For a list of all players past and present go to search.

User NameTeamPositionHeight
Brook20 Active Nation Royals Guard 5ft 10in
CBRK Active Nation Royals Guard 6ft 0in
Tomasas Active Nation Royals Guard 6ft 0in
JackR1998 Active Nation Royals Forward 6ft 0in
jtinop Active Nation Royals Forward 6ft 0in
cranny95 Boston Dragons Forward 5ft 9in
Black_Spark Boston Dragons Guard 5ft 11in
MantasN8 Boston Dragons Forward 6ft 3in
Wharfo Boston Dragons Guard 5ft 11in
Domas Boston Dragons Forward 6ft 2in
Faz Cranwell Hawks Guard 6ft 2in
ConnorJB97 Cranwell Hawks Guard 5ft 9in
chrisfarrar Cranwell Hawks Guard 6ft 0in
sunbeam1984 Cranwell Hawks Forward 6ft 1in
Magzi Cranwell Hawks Forward 6ft 2in
ellhimself Cranwell Hawks Center 6ft 4in
luketaylor Cranwell Hawks Guard 6ft 1in
bigmandan Cranwell Hawks Center 6ft 8in
davefinn27 Cranwell Hawks Forward 6ft 5in
carlleo Gainsborough Knights Guard 5ft 11in
dannyht Gainsborough Knights Forward 6ft 3in
Tailz Gainsborough Knights Guard 5ft 11in
benbrown Gainsborough Knights Guard 5ft 8in
ocansey79 Giles Academy Guard 5ft 2in
AL03 Grantham Falcons Guard 5ft 9in
JP17 Grantham Falcons Forward 6ft 2in
RJ09 Grantham Falcons Guard 6ft 0in
LA13 Grantham Falcons Forward 6ft 0in
SP11 Grantham Falcons Forward 6ft 0in
JE10 Grantham Falcons Center 6ft 6in
Matt Grantham Falcons Guard 6ft 0in
Glenn Grantham Honda Outlaws Forward 6ft 0in
meltonkings12 Grantham Honda Outlaws Center 6ft 7in
Valdas Grantham Honda Outlaws Guard 6ft 1in
Ian Grantham Honda Outlaws Center 6ft 6in
Simon77 Grantham Swallows Guard 5ft 9in
Jace13 Grimsby Gators Forward 6ft 6in
Jay14 Grimsby Gators Guard 5ft 10in
TenseHell2 Grimsby Gators Forward 6ft 3in
Fowler93 Grimsby Gators Forward 6ft 0in
p33j4y Grimsby Gators Guard 6ft 0in
Dieudonne11 Grimsby Mayhem Guard 5ft 11in
PC33 Grimsby Mayhem Guard 6ft 2in
Peej20uk Grimsby Mayhem Guard 6ft 0in
bren Grimsby Mayhem Forward 6ft 2in
Josh7 Grimsby Mayhem Guard 5ft 11in
stino1223 Grimsby Mayhem Center 6ft 5in
James_Rowe Lincoln Lightning Forward 6ft 7in
WilkinsR Lincoln Lightning Center 6ft 5in
Plows3 Lincoln Lightning Guard 6ft 0in
dpiggott33 Lincoln Lightning Guard 6ft 2in
DMO93 Lincoln Lightning Guard 6ft 3in
Ash Lincoln Lightning Guard 5ft 11in
Lero Lincoln Lightning Guard 5ft 9in
Scottyb263 Lincoln Lightning Guard 5ft 2in
afish Lincoln Panthers Forward 6ft 1in
KrisNelson Lincoln Panthers Guard 6ft 1in
Chenn Lincoln University Guard 5ft 9in
kiesha32 Lincoln Warriors Forward 6ft 2in
Vardenis.Pavardenis Lincoln Warriors Guard 6ft 9in
Amandas Lincoln Warriors Forward 6ft 1in
egis Lincoln Warriors Guard 7ft 0in
TJ23 Louth Storm Forward 6ft 4in
CG92 Louth Storm Forward 6ft 3in
07jainesk Louth U18 Forward 6ft 0in
Justino3 Louth U18 Guard 5ft 5in
dannyjaines Louth U18 Forward 5ft 2in
tautee31 LT Wolfs Forward 6ft 1in
audrius87 LT Wolfs Guard 5ft 0in
Jonaitis LTU Lions Forward 6ft 0in
darka25 LTU Lions Forward 6ft 2in
Air_Jordan Newark U18 Guard 6ft 0in
kestas South Lincs Dragons Guard 6ft 5in
AUTOMATIC33 South Lincs Dragons Guard 5ft 7in
zokiukai Spalding Devils Center 6ft 0in
zacharas Spalding Devils Guard 5ft 0in
agniusas Spalding Devils Center 6ft 5in
andrius74 Spalding Devils Guard 5ft 0in
Deivanas Spalding Devils Guard 6ft 0in
Rimantas0071 Speed Fire Forward 6ft 4in
chiucius Speed Fire Guard 6ft 2in
M4r4t3ll0 United LT Guard 6ft 1in
vladas United LT Guard 6ft 0in
Nerijus8 United LT Forward 6ft 1in
Remigijus United LT Guard 6ft 1in
Karolina United LT Forward 5ft 0in


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